Professional Tips and Hints on Selling your Home

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First impressions really do last!

Make sure the first impressions are good impressions! The outside of your home is the first thing that a potential buyer will see so make sure it looks as appealing as possible. Check if the front door needs painting, pick up any litter from outside your home, tidy any communal areas and ensure your hallway isn’t piled high with junk mail (you don’t have to plant award winning sunflowers to impress!). Flowers and a bowl of fruit are always good touches and make a room feel welcoming.

De-clutter your home!

Make sure that your property isn’t cluttered with coats, bikes, shoes, dog bones (well, you never know) and anything else that could put buyers off. Try to create a feeling of space as much as possible; putting up mirrors are often a very simple and effective way of doing this.

Always keep your garden and home nice and tidy!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your home clean. There’s nothing worse than walking into a property thinking your shoes are going to be more dirty after the viewing than before! You should create the feeling that your property is loved. Clean, dust and hoover throughout and if there are any marks on the wall try to wash them off (without taking the paint off!). Also make sure your windows are clean to let in as much light as possible. To show your garden at its best make sure it’s tidy and not full of junk so that the viewer can walk around without tripping over something!

Make sure to Finish any odd jobs around your home!

You should finish off any DIY jobs (properly!); replace any broken light bulbs, fix wonky cupboards - remember potential buyers might try to subtract the cost of anything they can when making offers. Try to look at your property with an objective eye - you might not mind that old broken lampshade but it doesn’t create a very good impression to potential buyers and might make them wonder what else is broken that isn’t visible.

Highlight all the great things about the area!

Before your viewers arrive have a think about the benefits of your neighbourhood so that you’re on the ball and ready to answer any questions on this issue. You might live near a station, a school or a park or there maybe a leisure centre nearby – all these factors could be a real bonus to your potential purchaser.

Try to keep your property neutral!

Where possible keep the décor neutral. It’s much safer to have neutral décor than to have bright colours that might not be everyone’s taste.

Pets and Odours!

Any odours should definitely be neutralised before a viewing - you may love the smell of curry but potential buyers may not appreciate it quite as much. If you have pets make sure that they’re out of the way and not jumping on up and down and taking the attention off your property. Also remember many people are allergic to animals.